The Ancient Oracle
of the Tarot


Oracle of Antiquity Bearing Messages for Mankind

The reading of tarot cards brings together the other esoteric disciplines in the same way that biology brings together the sciences in an exquisitely choreographed ballet. The card contains information on many levels.

The tarot card is inherently a powerful talisman by its symbolic nature. It is a symbol of an idea, and ideas consist of energy itself; indestructible with infinite potential for power. The vast potential of power contained within the tarot card as a symbol lies in the complexity of information contained within. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This being true, a symbol is worth a thousand pictures.

The drawings of the tarot cards are windows into a dimension outside the one of linear time and isolation of the consciousness. The patterns and illustrations in the layout of the ancient Tarot allow a view to the otherwise unseen forces controlling the course of our lives. The oracle will display what is to come as well as what is and what has been.

Your own life's path is guided by the hidden influences imaged in the layout of the cards. Their symbolism is the medium of communication to this realm of vibratory frequencies from the outer dimension, the spirit world. This personal and private reading will answer specific and general questions of your particular situation. A reading will reveal influences affecting you and those connected with you.

Oracles of Power

The cards depict probabilities and likelihoods. It is the same with other methods of divination, with other oracles, an oracle being a relayer of knowledge and information otherwise unattainable; an interface with the other realms. The art of divination is not an exact science but an art due to the fragile, fluid, and changing nature of reality. The future is not set in stone and events unfold according to the influences acting upon the situation but also according to the free will of others in interaction with these influences and most importantly according to your own free will.

We are all ultimately the masters of our own destiny and can achieve the optimum future out of all the possibilities and potentials as we learn how to best interact with the energies contained in the moment, the forces directing circumstances and influencing inclinations. The wild card of free not only makes things interesting, but combined with the knowledge of the other forces, it bestows great power when your own is used to your advantage and for your gain.

The divination arts; tarot, astrology, numerology, etc., as above, are not based upon pre-determinism, as you play the critical role in determining your destiny. When used for inquiry the oracle of divination will indicate probabilities and likelihoods by revealing the forces at work upon you and within you. The revelations and realizations will empower you to maneuver the twists and turns of the path to reach your greatest and highest potential, to emerge from the darkness and confusion into the light.

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