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ET Origins, TV Hypnosis, and the Power of Symbolism
Pictures Hold Volumes

The more we understand, the closer we come to the attainment our birthright as humans, that is, to know the nature and vast extent our own power. Critical to understanding the messages from the ones who came before are magical codes and symbols in which they reside. They encompass many ideas and can impart them instantly. When the symbol evokes an idea it is shorthand by which to pass information. This is the nature of language itself, as each word or phrase evokes an idea. Alone or in configuration, the images are used to direct mass thinking. The power of the pictures are this extreme. this is the same also in language. It is used for evil and for good. To understand the bad, the nightmarish is to gain the perspective for understanding a dream. An idea may be conveyed through the symbols of the dream, as the dream itself is comprised of its own symbology.
ET Origins
The knowledge of the ancient world was captured in part many thousands of years ago on a cylinder was created, with advanced tools. depicted life on a rolling pin type object imprinted the negative carving into the clay. The hardened clay cylinders were rolled into soft clay and the symbols ere rolled and stamped into the clay.
It has been suggested that they are of extraterrestrial origin; created by a non-human technology and mindset. The symbols, the pictures on the cylinders are intricate in its depiction of life as it was as they looked upon the lives of the people and their surroundings. Coins also, are engraved symbols of prehistoric interest and are timeless in their power. A coin, as well, can be used as a stamp; a mini printing press for the initiated.
The pictures to convey the beauty perceived and the way to traverse the pathways were reportedly on-board an alien spaceship in advanced training of abductee Jim Starry, author of the classic book 'The Keepers'.
TV Hypnosis
Aside from this, there is no doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words or more. The evolution of ideas are brought forth into consciousness in pictures. The images of good have potential for great good, but those shown in the media, the hypnotic and zombifying TV images. They are psychologically dangerous. Recognize the evil energy they channel and reflect it back to the source.
The Power of Symbols
Seek out images of good. The perspective of mind gives form. The world manifesting inside intricately connects the outer worlds and creates their potential. The intricate image in the mind, that is illuminated by the glow from the heart, is the energized seed of a complex world of intriguing and renewing growth which brings progress on the way to joining with spirit and in doing so, become complete and fulfilled. Alternately, the unpleasantness displayed by the media serves to create the world the images portray. Whether singularly simple or combined with intricacy, symbols are the template of the fully formed and manifest idea. They wield the great sword of mind, that of idea.

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