Mind Technology
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Science, Suppression, Occult Revelation, and Empowerment

By means ranging from modern technologies to the ancient occult arts, access may be gained to the normally inaccessible realm of connections through space, time, and thought. It is inevitable that these technologies and this knowledge would be used for evil and they are, in fact, utilized for the purpose of controlling others. Conventional science, as Galileo would attest, does answer to the higher powers. Science is a servant for those in power to serve decided purposes, to confirm their decided reality.

The well connected Sigmund Freud was influential and significant in the world of science for delineating the methods of understanding the workings of the mind and the underlying forces by which to shape it; to shape both the individual consciousness and the collective one. He drew from his knowledge of the ancient esoteric teachings of the occult. Methods of mass mind control were defined by Freud's protege and nephew, E. L. Bernays. He is considered the father of modern advertising, which employs hypnotic methods, as well as what is considered to be black magic.

"Tis opium you feed your people" observed Marquis de Sade. We are given enough to satisfy our need to know on a surface level, just enough for sedation. Common belief is shaped by the premier thinkers of the day who strangely coincidentally seem to be connected with one another and with other facets of the upper levels of society. Politics and science combine in figures such as Benjamin Franklin, a very well connected thinker. This control and consolidation of knowledge with the purpose of manipulation is the dark side of the same energies which have the potential for infinite good.

Magic is science not explained and inversely science is magic explained. Carl Jung, who was also influenced in his early studies by Freud contributed to the pool of modern knowledge with his explanation of archetypes and patterns of human behavior. His studies parallel the ancient book which is the original book of life's journeys and its repeating patterns and character types, the Tarot. In fact, Jung was a student of the divinitory arts, including Tarot. Such persons are connections between the masses and the initiated inner circle. Information such as Jung's teachings would be carefully vetted. The faces and names with which we are familiar are the gatekeepers for the knowledge we need but are not allowed to access in its unadulterated form.

Glimmers of the greater universe, glimpses of the universal truths, are shined through these gatekeepers. There seems to be a compulsion among those associated with mainstream science to only reveal to the public the part deemed necessary or advantageous for it to know. The the same powers who behind the scenes tried Galileo and sidelined Tesla continue to apply the compelling force that keeps our thinking in line. Those who dare to think out of the box they define are shunned by the institutions they control.

Personal sovereignty is threatening to the controlled hive structure of society. It is quelled with a dialectic spin that actually makes us believe that "control is freedom". This sleight of hand is used to convince us that we are better off to do and think as they say. We don't have to confine our thinking to these boundaries. The possibilities are vast to the free mind and spirit and the horizons barely fathomable.

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