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"Magic is the science and art of causing change to occur with conformity of the will. Magic is the highest form of natural philosophy..." Alister Crowley

To practice magic is to change reality, which is the state of awareness. The nature of our universe is mathematical and the mathematics define reality by creating awareness. It is a matrix of coordinates, and could be thought of as a mirror from which reflects everything we perceive. By molding the shape, the parameters of the mirror, one changes the matrix of awareness to what he wants it to be. In this way one may shape awareness, which is reality, to the matrix as he chooses it to be, and run the workings as a virtual game world.

Reality is thus turned into a magicians game at a cult awareness, that of the elite ruling class of the culture, be it in a macro or micro scale. This game is the knowledge, the secrets carried by the Knight's Templar and by the omni-powerful freemasons. The magic is based upon that of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and spread over the world in different forms and expressions. Kabbalah, mystic Judaism, is a sampling of the Egyptian occult beliefs which kept their society stable for millennia. For in depth exploration of this magic and the nature of reality visit Supernatural Spirit if you dare.

Egyptian high priests practiced black magic to control the masses. The present-day priests carry on the magic of the Egyptians. They are the magicians of the illuminati, the 'illuminated' society of Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria as it was officially established. It is the secret and all powerful society with power over and taking power from the backing hierarchy of the planet. It controls the politics of world governance in a compartmentalized fashion creating a web of control extending its tendrils into every facet of reality, which is, after all, awareness.

You can use this power to your own benefit. The ruling class, without compassion or empathy, utilize for their own benefit this magic of mathematics. The study of manipulation of the metaphorical mirror, which is the same as the wall of shadows in Plato's allegorical cave, may be directed toward purposes of extreme harm on a massive scale or for good when one wishes to follow the path of light and clarity on the journey to truth. One begins this journey by setting out on the path that leads to the vision he wishes to create. Study and practice are the tools of the magician. Then, when the tools the magician provides to you combine with action and confidence, the desired reality will materialize.
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