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Time of Shadows; Time for the Holidays
As the Greek goddess Persephone came to enjoy the stimulation Hades' cold dark underworld, some come to enjoy the stimulation of the playground of the Persephone, the daughter of Demetre, goddess of the green hills above; the warm and bright living world of the day.
Some particularly like the grayness. The appeal is understandable; it is comfort. There is comfort to the cold deep yellow light as the sun drops more and more quickly into the long night. It is a chill that cuts the heat and causes a hush to fall all through the deep halls of the psyche. In these riding the wave of stillness the halls can be explored. The hills of above will wait. This late fall light is the light of contemplation of dreams.
Halloween opens the door to the hidden realm and the winter with its sparkling of hope of the coming of spring brings a mist to fade away the gray world. the gray world holds the true mysteries and the answers in its limitless store of the past of the life experience. Gray time preserves the perspective of time passage.
Shadows race across in time as it stretches long as the rays of light. The substance of our time is reflecting in the deep yellows of the gray time. The ghosts remain, not coming for a night and exiting promptly in the all saint's day roundup. The winter festivals feed on the comfort of the fleeting shadows. The gray world turns out of view in the mind's eye and turns toward the future and the rebirth of the earth ritualized in the festivals, the rituals of transition. It is then Christmas or its equivalent that initiates the long ascent from the shadow realm of the underworld to the green hills of spring.
Some report only to dream in the gray time. Most of us dream more vividly as the inner realm melds with the waking world as the unconscious co-mingles with waking consciousness, or even sleeping consciousness in the peculiar case of lucid dreams, the shimmering crown of the dreamworld.
So, then, welcome the shadows as they lengthen. Demetre, the May queen, the goddess of spring, is there and waiting for Persephone's return at which time the memories of the winter retreat and the bright time commences.

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